Day 10

I again start in Dion looking for a 36 or 39 kama.  I am hoping to hit 40, for real, today.  I pick up kavlobuffer who is also in academy with me, but they are a shillen oracle and would do next to no damage, and although they say they can heal, I am now wise enough to know I 1) cannot tank it and 2) wouldn’t do enough damage to finish anyway.  I tell this person we will need to get at least one more melee and shortly after they leave party.


Then we reform under Reveca, who is now out of academy and in C grade.


The oracle spends most of her time on her butt doing nothing, which seems highly unfair.  Reveca asks me to get the overhit and while I have finally mastered this, by using it then clicking away right after, the healer forgets to heal and lets Reveca die, so I just spam everything so the whole entire thing doesn’t fail, really not caring about overhit at all.  We both obtain Hoplons and I’m 40% into 38.   Then the buffer starts wacking me and I give her a few quick slashes and ask if she wants to fight or what.  She says she has no attack skills, which is only partically accurate, at 33 a SO can still do reasonable with a weapon for melee.   I suggest we exit and they leave party.

I head out exping solo until 39.  Another clan member asks what I’m doing but heads off to Dragon Valley to solo with a 2 million adena weapon he borrowed from someone.


I like this raid boss, only it says it’s supposed to be in Wastelands?


After buffs run I head back to town and rebuff.


This time I go farther to Hardin’s Private Academy and the mobs give me a bit of a hard time.  I see another player, looks like a mage, and run around to suggest a group but at that moment they SOE out. I see another player exping, then a dwarf with an orc shaman of some kind on auto follow. I hit 39 and start the arbalester quest.

I notice the special agents, around Floran, call out about a duel then seem to aggro all the other ones within a giant range. I nearly die because of this.


Anyway later on in the quest I run into a new recruit named Ajinn and say hello. I realize, already at Execution Grounds that I am out of SS now even on light blue mobs it’s like a fight to the death each time (which by the way, is how playing in C1 felt like).


I run into a spoiling dwarf with a buffalo and comment “cute pet” but they are intent on their business and do not reply.


Ran around and ended up around Hardins again, and this is a popular area since I often other players here, though no one ever speaks to me. On that note, I have not seen my dwarf friend log on since I last saw him, and although Light comes on now and again, I do not get any “well being checks”. In fact, no one in clan has done that either.

I see this guy with this crazy head piece and PM him asking what it is, but no reply to that.  I finish the class change quest but still have 50% to level.


When the elpy event gets announced I ran down to FT to see the fun, flagged high levels in EVERY ROOM, craziness.  Some how no one kills me. I see a single elpie before I leave.


I head back to Hardins and get 40 and clearly announce I hit 40 in clan chat and state that it’s time to class change.  No one replies. I say “ding Arba :D” just before I class change and get punted out of the clan.  I park my butt in HV on the off chance anyone will PM me, about anything.  They do not.

I am currently at 230k adena, with roughly 500k more in marketable goods. I log out.

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