The Invasions

Did one of the invasions on my fire mage, who by the way, is A LOT of fun to play.  Much better than shadow at the moment.  I boosted her to 100 from my pre-purchase of Legion.

This one was in Westfall


If you get too close to it, it nearly kills you.  I tried!


Even though I was on Sargeras, which was normally Alliance dominated, there were tons and tons of Horde.  I heard the game can make instances on demand in ‘bubbles’ to make areas look active, but that ends up being problematic to play with people you may know on other servers, that CRZ with yours.  We found that our when I could no longer see Thunderhorn, Ghostlands, and Kael’thas when WoD hit, but we figured out we COULD see each other in dead zones like the Molten Front and Isle of Thunder.


The demons are really tall, which is nice because it feels grand, but stinks for melee who can’t see a thing over than toes or kneecaps.  I need to replace my gear quick on this character and catch-up quest gear is a good way to do it.

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