Day 13 and Final

I haven’t logged in for quite a while but did so today to look around.  My friends list is empty, not sure if that is because of the merge or because people removed me. I refresh my noobie buffs and see 5 other people clustered around Captain Lucas, the Kama guy.  I see an orc looking for 25 kama and I yell that I am too looking for a kama, but he vanishes shortly after, probably into said kama.

The other people vanish and one walks off until I am the only one standing at Lucas.  I shout a few more times for a 35 or 39 kama. After four shouts I get a little discouraged.  I get a pm from DarthUader who is also 40 and looking for a raid or a kama and says if we get two more we can do the kama.  I ask if they think we can get two more and he says sure.  However, after a time his/her shouts stop occurring so I send a PM asking if they have had any luck and the player is offline.  Oh well.  Better luck in the US morning?

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