Last night did Firelands stuff and got Shannox down and only wiped once when the tank dc’d, then one shot the spider boss. Then spent the rest of the night wiping on Rhyolith. Got him into last phase a few times but, I dunno, couldn’t keep up with the damage for some reason. We’d stack up I’d drop my healing floor pie, mending, divine hymn and off that pepper renew in between PoH and CoH and everyone dropped with record speed anyway. The tank healer was getting cranky about “beating my head against the wall for an hour” but umm that’s sort of new raid progression for ya. I also had some stupid deaths because I kept trying to chase after the hunter who always seemed to be continually on the corners of the island we were on.

Anyway a staff dropped that was an upgrade for me off the spider but I didn’t roll. I’d rather have main hand/offhand anyway.

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