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Building a Bridge with the Bodies

FINALLY got my flaming dagger from Firelands 25 heroic.



Now to work on a better off-hand.  I kind of like the evil book though.

Other than that, continuing to dominate Outlands, killing this guys monk several times, then his DK, then his hunter.  I switched to horde after, talked a whole bunch, and added a friend.





Pet Taming

I’ve been going to Molten Front a lot looking for Deth’tilac, and found her today.


It’s purple, I decided it’s a she ok?


So pretty!

She had some 77 mill health so it took some doing.  I also tamed Ban’thalos which took a few Disengage fail deaths.  When Seal mentioned a crab pet I had missed out in the same area, I went camping for Karkin.  I’ve never, ever seen a hunter with him.  He wasn’t up but I did manage to die in several spectacular ways though.


I was technically in lava at this point, but could only see it when zoomed in.  Fun.  I forgot as a ghost you can’t land on these little ledges.




So I ‘died’ as a ghost over and over until I managed to nab my body again.

And after we took Tol Barad from a bunch of undergeared Alliance, Seal and I scattered their guards to the wind.



Why you…

That paladin, siiigh, Angelicguard has been basically running our DS raids lately, though he’s kept a lid on the “obnoxious” so it hasn’t been too bad.


Though he did piss me off harsh last week when he suggested he could do all the debuff healing on spine himself and “if you aren’t doing anything try to help out a bit”. I took that as being ‘noxious again and said we all had plenty to do that fight, especially when he was doing OOM over using Holy radiance for whatever reason.

I thought Trench was nearly done with his staff and I was looking forward to not doing FL any more, but we found out he just finished the first stage, and the second will take about 13 more weeks.  I got Ko’gun, Hammer of the Firelord for transmog, way way after I actually wanted it but eh good enough.  Anyway I am not, not doing FL for a few more months. No way.  We did a full clear last night though.

Haven’t done arena with anyone in 2 weeks, Ladiesman hasn’t been on, Ultrabomber hasn’t, Acks, no one really.  I just give up on anyone but my priest, who just uses VP for CP now.  There’s a lot more activity in trade people looking for 2’s cap though so maybe I’ll try that.

Get out and Push Healing

Raided FL on my shaman and we two healed up to Rag, but Lila brought along a dps doing 10k in 346 ilevel range, so 2 healing Rag was out of the question and we didn’t even bother. We also had another person doing around 12k so, yeah. I won Jaws of Defeat which brings this char up to the priests level of trinket choices, plus Heart of Unliving.

We did DS the next day and got up to Spine but ran out of time for more attempts. I think we could have gotten it though. I sort of wish we weren’t wasting time in FL over one persons staff. It seems silly to waste the time of 9 other people for an entire night of raiding. to get that one person a weapon.

There was nothing I wanted that dropped on all those bosses. But I am closely approaching 397 ilevel which will be as good as it’s gonna get without heroics.

I change Ocyla’s pve spec to include smite healing since I am no longer raiding and I rather enjoy the “get out and push” dps bonus I bring to parties that aren’t that good. Plus, unlike many atonement spec priests I’ve seen, I can totally NOT atonement heal, or use atonement very little and still bring out respectable numbers. I like it for a more casual play style and gives me something to do when dps is slow and there’s not much else to do.

Doing Resto damage wrong?

Did arena on my shaman with Joed today and went 8-4. I feel the lack of offensive damage abilities on the shaman, or maybe I’m just doing it wrong. LB and lava burst all seem too slow and too low of damage to bother with. Picked up the new pvp helm though.

We tried heroic Shannox tonight and on the first shot got him to 100k (no joke) but failed badly every attempt afterwards. I don’t think anyone really understood the mechanics, and the first pull I was mid way through asking how the healing arrangements would go when they pulled. I kept saying we should have one healer on the off tank which ended up being me, one on the tank, and one that mostly focuses on the rage-ing damage but I swear the other 2 healers never talk.

We called it without getting anything down.

Switched to my priest and did a random bg and ran into Cirruk (Kurric), who I met on his rogue in a random some time ago in Vortex Pinnacle, who is on my real id. Didn’t even notice we were in the same bg together until he called me by my real name and said he’d save me, from the rogue that was on me. What are the chances? Of course last time I said something like that, I ended up in a bg with Ladiesman. We won that one, queue for another and got EotS, and lost but it went pretty well.