Why you…

That paladin, siiigh, Angelicguard has been basically running our DS raids lately, though he’s kept a lid on the “obnoxious” so it hasn’t been too bad.


Though he did piss me off harsh last week when he suggested he could do all the debuff healing on spine himself and “if you aren’t doing anything try to help out a bit”. I took that as being ‘noxious again and said we all had plenty to do that fight, especially when he was doing OOM over using Holy radiance for whatever reason.

I thought Trench was nearly done with his staff and I was looking forward to not doing FL any more, but we found out he just finished the first stage, and the second will take about 13 more weeks.  I got Ko’gun, Hammer of the Firelord for transmog, way way after I actually wanted it but eh good enough.  Anyway I am not, not doing FL for a few more months. No way.  We did a full clear last night though.

Haven’t done arena with anyone in 2 weeks, Ladiesman hasn’t been on, Ultrabomber hasn’t, Acks, no one really.  I just give up on anyone but my priest, who just uses VP for CP now.  There’s a lot more activity in trade people looking for 2’s cap though so maybe I’ll try that.

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