Satchels are not always worth it

Same old same old lately, missed FL this week because I had to work late Wed. Got the Ledger of Revolting Rituals on my shaman though I’d prefer the shield during DS10. Haden’t gotten anything lately so that was nice.

Ran DS10 in the “alt” group on my priest and won healing plate BS plans, Dragonfire Orb offhand, and the glove token. We also went on to get Deathwing the next day so I got that achievement. I feel a little funny when Angelic says things like “we need a good healer” repeatedly when talking to me, or other such comments. I don’t know if that means he thinks I’m one, or, not. Anyway a rogue named Effects was really obnoxious that fight.

My random healy dungeons continue to be mostly Rag/Goldrinn/ etc all Portuguese groups and it’s getting rather annoying. Today we wiped on End Time with an all Goldrinn group, on that dumb moon lady when I got stunned and the tank went down too fast to recover. They said a ton of stuff that I couldn’t understand, then we wiped on Baine when they were in the lava too long. Some of the phrases included “patience of a saint for this garbage healer”, and “healer doesn’t understand us”. Before I knew that though I decided a satchel wasn’t worth it and left.

Then the next run I got complimented on my healing and when I mentioned the group before got “well you can’t heal stupid”. I laughed at that.

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