Office Buildings?

It just feels wrong to see all these NPCs that use to have lore, in the correct location, in an “office building” now.  It would be like Blizzard putting the warrior king of Stormwind in a cubicle.    The dialog all so far feels like it came from the same person with no variance in what race or class the people are.

There’s also confusing text “lore” wise, like Celin in the ruins says that Amadeo Cadmus may be young, but he’s charming, has looks and power, long blonde hair and a beautiful face. Uh, well Amadeo Cadmus was the King of Aden, and did not look young, or have blonde hair.

I did a quest where you had to show your sorrow by crying over corpses on the ground.


It warned you not to laugh or dance, and I took that as a dare so I did, and that just spawns 2 mobs to kill you, even though I was able to fight them off.  There’s also one where a dog escorts you around the ruins. First escort quest I’ve seen in the game, ever.


I plan on getting to at least 40 but so far there’s been 2 clear points where if I was really new I would have quit.  First would have been the confusion with the quest that went nowhere, and secondly, being repeatedly PK’d even with protection on early in the game.

When I hit 19 I started looking around to class change, and I went from the ruins back to town from the direction of the npc there.  They told me to talk to Rivian who gives this confusing bit of dialog.


I don’t remember getting a newbie travel token.  It says to see Rosella in Elven village, only no npcs are in elven village any more.  Then it says to SEE Rosella who will send you to the village, but prior to that it says Rosella is IN elven village. Ok?


Then it says to go to Gludio to High Priest Raymond. Elven Vilalge is clearly deserted so I go to Gludio who also says to see Rosella in Elven village. Sigh.


I feel like this will be a lot of “this is so easy it took me 30 mins to hit 20 wtf” but being new to the area and going by quest and npc text only, I’m having a hell of a time.

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