Surfer dude?

Recently when I logged in, it made me enter a pin. It’s the same one all the time unlike the WoW authenticator.

I picked up another quest which took me to Flame Lord Kakai, who looks completely out of place in the “administration office”.  He’s an ORC, a FLAME lord.  At an office building?  Seems weird.  Where’s his stone village lit by fire? Sad. He also said something about building a new home “here on the Immortal Plateau” but um, Orc Village was nowhere NEAR Talking Island, how can that be? I don’t know besides all that the dialog just seems written more hip, it’s odd to read after doing all the old style quests.  Kakai things like “killer headache”, “this stuff” and “nasty little” which makes him sound like he’s from California or something. That quest gave me 13,000 exp, the first serious batch I’ve gotten so far. After that point I got the little guide arrow that pointed seemingly off into the ocean.


it’s like uhhh hm. Doesn’t work well on hilly areas I think. The next quest marker shot straight into the side of a mountain for example. But after that I got leather armor rained on me, clearly inappropriate for my class, jewelry and before I knew it I was 3 levels higher for doing nothing.

On my way to the ruins I got killed by a red just looking around getting my bearings and again, the npcs just stand around doing nothing.  I’m not new to the PK scene but there should be severe protection for lower levels.


Buuut on the way back I ran into the guy again, killed him, and looted 806 D bsps and 5 soulshots, ha ha. Served him right. I was going to say mean things to him but it said that “characters level 20 and below cannot use regular chat functions except answering whispers”.  Is that because of the gold sellers? Irritating!  Anyway I got my PK protection before I went out again. The guy was back to the ruins before I could manage to get there, he killed a few more players then went back to the ruins to kill people again.  I could not even whisper him to say mean things 🙁 Then I was killed a second time by another player some how,  did this a few times trying to kill the other player before someone chased them off.  I don’t know how I killed the guy once but the next times he resisted all my spells.  Ah well, once those two scattered I grinded out to level 12 old school style, got bored and logged. With no one to talk to it gets boring quick.

It seems the quests are more interactive than all the old ones, in this one you picked up papers around the area, then thieves spawn to killed you.


It doesn’t sound like much but the most interactive NPCs ever got a few updates ago was spawning and just standing there, or with the 3rd class change, helping you attack.  Otherwise there was nothing like that.

I again run into reds AGAIN.


It gets tiring, I leave.

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