Ran RBGs with Yoshimara again last night, which took a good hour to form up. Then Dirtydk, who sounds like he’s 13 wouldn’t stop crying about how my mmr was low. Yeah sorry it was 0 last week and went to about 1300 in one night, and that’s the last time I did it. Our server doesn’t exactly run those often. They wanted people 1700+. We won EoTS, AB, and a WSG and I hit 1600 and got the Knight title. I must have heard bitching about my mmr and exactly how much it changed each fight 5x. In EotS Dirty also commented how I kept dying repeatedly. Yes, when you run to a base with 6 of the other team who actually know how to pvp, they will pound me into the ground and without peels I will die pretty instantly.

After that we lost a WSG when the dps failed to do much damage at all to the EFC (was watching via focus) even though 4 of their team cc’d me and the pally healer real hard and killed our FC. There was much “are you kidding me?” like there’s much you can do with chain stuns/fears, Emfh on CD, and the FC in a smoke bomb. We then went on to get 3 capped in Gilneas, I think a few people weren’t on vent and not calling anything was most of the reason we lost, and half the raid raged and cursed and left, laying all the blame on the raid leader, like they shouldn’t be looking around at the situation and making their own decisions. I do feel stupid that I was at LH with a warlock, and I SHOULD HAVE stayed, but they told me to go, then LH got capped shortly after. Sigh.

After that I got picked up for a heroic 25m LK kill and got my token, so I have the pretty heroic sanctified alcolye robes now, was very happy about that. I brought my set with just to prove I wasn’t wasting a token, since you MUST have the 10.5 version to even use the tokens. I prefer how tokens in wrath worked; you can choose what item to upgrade and it’s not set as a head, gloves, etc piece.

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