Dude stfu

Ran DS last night on my shaman, could not get Blackhorn down, and the annoying pally was with us. I think he just likes to hear himself talk, even after it’s been said, many times that the only alchemist is Lila on her alt, he asks if we have an alchemist, then asks if anyone has conc pots, which we’ve never had, then hearths to the AH and buys some. He’s also one of the first healers in as long as I can remember who insists on a role check even though he SHOULD know what everyone is doing, then asks for the main tank even though we know that’s always Cinor. On the 3rd boss last night he started randomly asking how to do mouse over macros and asked Shift to paste it in vent, but of course we were like, could you do this SOME OTHER TIME please????

For what feels like the 3rd week in a row, no loot dropped I could even roll on.

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