We did Spine last night and got it, tried Madness but it didn’t work out.  I found it a little amusing that Angelic, who everyone basically dislikes a bit, didn’t have a flask, food, didn’t have conc pots he kept asking for, and did not even have repair money. This is important for later.

Last night I got in on a group led by that pain in the ass paladin, Angelicguard.  He made me go to the clocktower for inspection even though we’ve ran together before, and I’m in 4pc t13 and 392 ilevel. We wiped once when Angelic wiped us because he went “white screen” wiped again when the priest died and it was unrecoverable from a healing stand point, then we took a break for 8 minutes that stretched into around 30 while he brought in his friend a DK, then punted the guy the second Lila logged in.  He’s crushing on her hard, I thought it was pretty funny.


During this Angelic was offering to buy a flask from someone, and pay for the mats for a cauldron.  It’s like whoa wait, you were 100% broke last night, what happened?  It was good to get it down, and I ended up respec’ing to take Telluric Currents because this guy was like omg its so op omg and then kept commenting on how, because of him, I kept up my mp so well. I think that had more to do with dropping mana tide every platform and people not taking unnecessary damage, but whatever.  This guy seems like a control freak, repeatedly saying things like “don’t you dare open that chest” or “don’t do hero until I say” over and over, etc. Then after saying we’d never bring him again, Lila invited him and all his alts to guild. Sigh. Jynx is gonna love that.

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