Doing Resto damage wrong?

Did arena on my shaman with Joed today and went 8-4. I feel the lack of offensive damage abilities on the shaman, or maybe I’m just doing it wrong. LB and lava burst all seem too slow and too low of damage to bother with. Picked up the new pvp helm though.

We tried heroic Shannox tonight and on the first shot got him to 100k (no joke) but failed badly every attempt afterwards. I don’t think anyone really understood the mechanics, and the first pull I was mid way through asking how the healing arrangements would go when they pulled. I kept saying we should have one healer on the off tank which ended up being me, one on the tank, and one that mostly focuses on the rage-ing damage but I swear the other 2 healers never talk.

We called it without getting anything down.

Switched to my priest and did a random bg and ran into Cirruk (Kurric), who I met on his rogue in a random some time ago in Vortex Pinnacle, who is on my real id. Didn’t even notice we were in the same bg together until he called me by my real name and said he’d save me, from the rogue that was on me. What are the chances? Of course last time I said something like that, I ended up in a bg with Ladiesman. We won that one, queue for another and got EotS, and lost but it went pretty well.

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