Jugger Not

Had some epic bgs lately, got “Newbs to Plowshares” on my shaman during a Gilneas battle where we 3 capped, and kept 8/10 of their team off the LH flag the ENTIRE TIME. People knew how to aoe the flag, it was beautiful.

Also on my priest got “Jugger Not” after being down about 1200 points also in Gilneas, and came back to win it. I professed undying love to a rogue who solo capped WW to get us that win. I do find that I do the majority of the calling out in battlegrounds lately though. I use BG defender which saves typing time but that doesn’t work when I’m not at the base in question. I make frequent use of Mind Vision to latch onto people on my team to check out the other bases, then call out how many are there. A lot of people will yell “LH LH LH LH” and I mind vision only to see it’s 2 inc and we have 4 there. You should not need to call that out. Numbers are important to know. 2 defending and 5 inc, yes call that out, 1 inc vs 5 defending, don’t bother.

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