Pet Taming

I’ve been going to Molten Front a lot looking for Deth’tilac, and found her today.


It’s purple, I decided it’s a she ok?


So pretty!

She had some 77 mill health so it took some doing.  I also tamed Ban’thalos which took a few Disengage fail deaths.  When Seal mentioned a crab pet I had missed out in the same area, I went camping for Karkin.  I’ve never, ever seen a hunter with him.  He wasn’t up but I did manage to die in several spectacular ways though.


I was technically in lava at this point, but could only see it when zoomed in.  Fun.  I forgot as a ghost you can’t land on these little ledges.




So I ‘died’ as a ghost over and over until I managed to nab my body again.

And after we took Tol Barad from a bunch of undergeared Alliance, Seal and I scattered their guards to the wind.



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