Get out and Push Healing

Raided FL on my shaman and we two healed up to Rag, but Lila brought along a dps doing 10k in 346 ilevel range, so 2 healing Rag was out of the question and we didn’t even bother. We also had another person doing around 12k so, yeah. I won Jaws of Defeat which brings this char up to the priests level of trinket choices, plus Heart of Unliving.

We did DS the next day and got up to Spine but ran out of time for more attempts. I think we could have gotten it though. I sort of wish we weren’t wasting time in FL over one persons staff. It seems silly to waste the time of 9 other people for an entire night of raiding. to get that one person a weapon.

There was nothing I wanted that dropped on all those bosses. But I am closely approaching 397 ilevel which will be as good as it’s gonna get without heroics.

I change Ocyla’s pve spec to include smite healing since I am no longer raiding and I rather enjoy the “get out and push” dps bonus I bring to parties that aren’t that good. Plus, unlike many atonement spec priests I’ve seen, I can totally NOT atonement heal, or use atonement very little and still bring out respectable numbers. I like it for a more casual play style and gives me something to do when dps is slow and there’s not much else to do.

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