Thrashing bad Hunters

Ran into Ultrabomber out in Goldshire where Horde had been showing up, and thrashed him in a duel.


I asked him if he wanted to do bgs which I had been doing that night and he said something sarcastic about having my partner 10 feet away and not wanting to do arena. I said I ‘wasn’t feeling it’ and he logged.


Alliance has been quite good at bgs still, though I am repeatedly left alone at “boring” bases like Stables, Lighthouse, or Draenei Ruins. However more often than not, a rogue stays with me.

Ran EotS and we did so well I got the Bound for Glory achievement.


We’ve been doing well at TB also, though this one I just had to laugh when 2 DK’s simultaneously popped army.


I capped with Maice since I’m cross with Ultra, and Ladiesman hasn’t been around.  We lost like 4 and won 4 I think, but he just needs his resil up.  Ultra was at like 2k resil for a while and got torn to pieces as well.  I know some people run in full pve gear but that doesn’t seem to work so well right now.

Ran BH and finally won something on this char with a roll of 93, the haste pvp necklace, but I gave it to Cassio who was in the same group.  The reason being is, I need at least one item to have spell pen, and I already upgraded my cloak, so it must be the neck.  Even if I kept the neck, I’d need to replace my healing cape with a spell pen one, and it would be an equal loss in CP, so just silly to keep. Besides, he never wins anything in there.

Nicholopolis mentioned that I broke the “golden rule” or loot which is never, ever give it away.  I sort of disagree, I do this a lot and it’s come back to me many times. I give away red cut gems, flasks, I actually pass on loot in LFR I don’t need, and I’ve given away loot a number of times in BH or raids.  I don’t believe in game karma, or anything, but I did have that random pally give me the healing mace from Madness plus a tier token, I’ve had another shaman let me have tier pants, and another person let my mage have some pvp piece.  Maybe none of this would have ever happened but I don’t have to play like a dick, angry that it might not.

I then went on to run BH on the shaman, and again rolled a 93 which won the spell pen neck, only, I forgot I already had it, so traded it to Libem, the second highest roller, who fortunately is actually a pvper.

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