What am I even doing?


Currently I am stuck at the npc called Pantheon who shows a quest on the map, and a scroll above his head,  but his dialog shows it’s been done already. When I click it he just gives some plain text with no other options.  I found it a little curious that some rare npcs are common now too, like Frintezzas “nurse” (http://l2.eogamer.com/wiki/Devorin) is just roaming around Talking Island now named “Ann”. I remember all the starter quests use to give you soul/spiritshots right off the bat, but out of the 3 quests I’ve received I’ve gotten nothing, and can’t seem to find any other quests. Haven’t seen a lick of English in shouts yet either. I got to the area where you get  a mount that looks exactly like the gnome mounts in WoW but otherwise, I really don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing, or where I should be going 🙁  Are there guards or something that should be telling me what to do?


I ran into that kookarua race and I got there before the other person and it says I beat them, then says I lost. But once I won 50 adena, I think, the other time 5 soulshouts. Then got 50 adena.  I mean, the hell? I’m a mystic soulshots don’t do me any good and I’m already thoroughly irritated. Before I quit for the night I ported to those ruins and finally found a newbie helper who gave me wind walk, shields, bless the soul, acumen, conc, and empower.


I’m really confused that I don’t have quests that are leading me one to another like it did before I quit a year ago. Ported into the ruins and was killing ok until a Husk Crawler cast something that one shot my 169 hp. Back at town, buffless, still level 5, I talk to Pantheon again and he has no options.  I give up again for now.

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