My interface is hosed

Got asked to raid by Nilvana tonight on the main and only raid team left in A9n.  Wasn’t really prepared and my dps was not very good.  Won Finger of Zon’ozz normal to replace the LFR one I had.  I had a number of problems I need to fix, my hit was a 13% instead of 17, and my interface was literally barfing words and numbers all over so bad I was having trouble functioning.  My dbm needs to be rearranged something fierce.


We all got knocked off the boat here, first time I’ve seen it like this.

And I got blown off by Deathwing Spine when I didn’t go to the left fast enough.  Besides doing LFR the only normal fights I’ve done have only been up to the 3rd boss so yeah, my bad. Didn’t know all the normal mechanics. Still, I miss raiding with a group that is good.  We stopped at Madness when the dps wasn’t high enough.

I’ve since then fixed my hit and de-cluttered the disaster that was my screen.

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