Tharus beat my ass

I moved my shaman into Relentless, which was my first ever guild, since I have a permanent spot with them DS 10 raiding now and I know people would not rather give gear to a “pug”.  We did the first 2 bosses ok and I won a new necklace, but the third we had bad healing problems.  The priests top heal was flash heal, and I focused them one fight and that’s all I saw going off during tank healing, and I assume shields in between.  We had a talk afterwards where I suggested talent and reforge changes, and I guess we’ll have to wait until the next raid to talk about healing rotation more and skill usage. They were only putting out around 12k heals as it was, and the grouping up damage parts we were failing something fierce on. I was doing around 22k.

Anyway I did 2’s with the hunter again and it went a little better this time.  I ran into Tharus during one match, with a rshaman.  He beat my ASS too, it was kind of funny.  Now I know what Ladiesman was talking about when he says he sometimes loses by underestimating a player.  That’s exactly what I did.  I then got asked by


Leudraenei (I’m sure I spelled that wrong) to do RBGs with Ilikeanimals, but when they kept spamming for a resto shaman I said I had one with 4569 resil and switched to that instead.

We won 1, lost 2.  Both losses from pretty stupid mistakes.  The first loss I take responsibility for, though I still honestly have no idea how it happened.  We were in Twin Peaks in the alliance base (as horde) and I was nowhere near where the flag was, I was across the room near the back, and I noticed I had the flag.  I have no idea how I picked it up, so confused I ran out of the base and tried to drop it only I didn’t have the flag buff icon. In my panic rather than running away and trying to mount up to drop it, I just stood there unclicking every buff I had right and left clicking every buff and debuff trying to drop it for someone else while everyone in vent told me to drop it, got pwned and they returned the flag. I felt amazingly stupid but I really have no idea how I even picked it up to begin with.

The second loss was mostly because our FC, for no particular reason, left where he had two healers, myself included, guarding him, LoS’d us behind the wall and promptly died.

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