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Arena Hot Streak

I did 2’s with Deacon, the warrior who sorta recruited me over to Bleeding Hollow on my druid, into the Alliance Vanguard guild.  They were the ones who had a few people come to our Stormpike Militia games.  Which… huh.  Don’t know if I explained that here. So first of all, got the Hot Streak achievement.



As for the SM thing, it started out when regular form-goers wanted to play together, and managed by Smellybeard, a dwarf shaman, we did wargames together for a few months.  When that went under because of drama from a few people, Mizriz and Barrym took over in the fight against Hydra, to do premades in AV.  We started calling ourselves the Forum Militia, but since everyone didn’t haunt the forums, we went with Stormpike Militia (SM).  When we had even numbers, we stomped Hydra with DAS BOOT, which I streamed for posterity. That’s where we’re at now, doing premade AV mostly trying to ferret out Hydra, but since they specifically said they wouldn’t queue on the days WE queue, it’s been harder to run into them.

However one night we SURPRISE-QUEUED into them on a Monday, and gave them a stomping. Boosh. Anyway.

So back to arena, got 10 or 11 wins in a row with Deacon, then got exploded by a hunter/boomie team and went to play AV.  Not because of the loss, mind you, but I had to do some thinking about my play.

And bless the chat in Ashran.


3’s with Holystab

Got asked by Holystab to do 3’s with him on his shadow priest and Seal on his hunter.  The first fight was a holy pally and hunter, just 2 players.  Holy died damn near immediately and even SS and flash healing like mad I couldn’t keep him up.  Then we went on to lose.  3 players lost to 2.  Ugh.  Then we tried again and he was running all over the place and dropped dead again. I just left and said “ok I’m done”.  He was saying that as holy no one ever dies and he nevers goes OOM and just whatever.

I then grabbed Ladiesman and we went 8-1.


So I got 1800 cap at least. I missed playing with a good player/rogue.

Joined a pvp guild

I joined Wicked Avengers last week, and I almost immediately did three’s with a hunter and druid and capped super quick. We went something like 8-2 or 3 I think, they did 2’s with the druid. OMFG it’s so much easier when you had partners that bring the pain to the other team so I’m not tanking for my life, or partners that don’t hit the dirt without me spamming heals like mad. Was really nice. Oro asked me to do 3’s with an ele shaman and his warlock but I haven’t had time yet.

Salary Capped

Been on my horde priest a lot, mostly pvping.  I got a  Tyran robe on my horde priest from winning bgs and last night I did 2’s with Sealgaer. Remember I use to do 2’s with Ultrabomber? Yeah.  Night and day.



It was more fun than running with Shock for some reason, I think because I prefer being partnered with a range.  He did a good job keeping in my LoS and providing a lot of peels as well.  I have a hard time doing that with melee for whatever reason. It’s nice to play with a hunter that doesn’t just let me try to tank everything with no help.  Was quite fun!

Last night I got an invite to a pvp guild by Oromis:


He mentioned that they would pull me in immediately since he already saw me heal in bgs when I was undergeared.  Hm.  I like the people in Frats guild, but I don’t think they are pvpers.  Not sure if I’ll switch though but it would be nice.  Might give it a shot and maybe get a little more rating than I’ve had before.

That drake is ugly

Ran some bgs and twice got into Arathi with a rogue named Professional (Silvermoon) who helped me defend mines. We lost one badly and won the next.  I dislike announcing repeatedly that I will help heal at stables, people cap and then all run off.

I saw this mount today which I understand drops off Madness.


Obviously it’s a reskinned drake and it just looks… awkward a bit. The horns are the size of its entire head.

Ladiesman said he would not be able to run 2’s again this week, soooo.  Ran 2’s with Ultrabomber but we did poorly and I dropped from 1603 to 1546.  Well, I won’t say *I* did poorly, because I didn’t.  One match he died because he was in a smoke bomb and I could not heal, another time he ran past a smoke bomb and clipped an edge of it so I was unable to throw a heal or two because of smoke bomb LoS, another fight against a DK and a resto shaman I couldn’t do anything more than tank the both of them and put all my skills into me NOT dying.  Then the last fight against a feral and a holy pally, it went on and on again with me only able to burn the holy pally occasionally because there was far too much pressure on me. I had no chance to burn the other pally, much less Mind Control, and any time they switched to my partner he dropped like a rock requiring all my attention on healing.  He ended up rage quitting that fight after about, 15 minutes, I think, and I went on to survive those 2 players solo another 5 minutes or so.  I don’t appreciate being ditched like that.

Ran the last half of LFR on my priest and won nothing.  It seems people win in streaks; a holy priest won both the pants token and the healing Ledger off hand.  Then ran a random and got a bag with the White Polar Bear.