Salary Capped

Been on my horde priest a lot, mostly pvping.  I got a  Tyran robe on my horde priest from winning bgs and last night I did 2’s with Sealgaer. Remember I use to do 2’s with Ultrabomber? Yeah.  Night and day.



It was more fun than running with Shock for some reason, I think because I prefer being partnered with a range.  He did a good job keeping in my LoS and providing a lot of peels as well.  I have a hard time doing that with melee for whatever reason. It’s nice to play with a hunter that doesn’t just let me try to tank everything with no help.  Was quite fun!

Last night I got an invite to a pvp guild by Oromis:


He mentioned that they would pull me in immediately since he already saw me heal in bgs when I was undergeared.  Hm.  I like the people in Frats guild, but I don’t think they are pvpers.  Not sure if I’ll switch though but it would be nice.  Might give it a shot and maybe get a little more rating than I’ve had before.

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