Arena Hot Streak

I did 2’s with Deacon, the warrior who sorta recruited me over to Bleeding Hollow on my druid, into the Alliance Vanguard guild.  They were the ones who had a few people come to our Stormpike Militia games.  Which… huh.  Don’t know if I explained that here. So first of all, got the Hot Streak achievement.



As for the SM thing, it started out when regular form-goers wanted to play together, and managed by Smellybeard, a dwarf shaman, we did wargames together for a few months.  When that went under because of drama from a few people, Mizriz and Barrym took over in the fight against Hydra, to do premades in AV.  We started calling ourselves the Forum Militia, but since everyone didn’t haunt the forums, we went with Stormpike Militia (SM).  When we had even numbers, we stomped Hydra with DAS BOOT, which I streamed for posterity. That’s where we’re at now, doing premade AV mostly trying to ferret out Hydra, but since they specifically said they wouldn’t queue on the days WE queue, it’s been harder to run into them.

However one night we SURPRISE-QUEUED into them on a Monday, and gave them a stomping. Boosh. Anyway.

So back to arena, got 10 or 11 wins in a row with Deacon, then got exploded by a hunter/boomie team and went to play AV.  Not because of the loss, mind you, but I had to do some thinking about my play.

And bless the chat in Ashran.


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