Alliance Vanguard

I moved to Bleeding Hollow and joined Alliance Vanguard.  I think I said that.  Anyway, I’m not quite sure if it’s working out for me.

First issue was when I mentioned in guild chat that I waited 12 mins to get into a losing bg with 2 minutes left.  A rogue told me his queues were 2 minutes and 12 minutes don’t happen.  I said “good for you, I said mine were 12”.  He said that comment meant I was in ‘grade school’ and I said well you were basically calling me a liar.  Then I got called dumb for preferring to BL SoTA over AV.  I replied “oh well if you are joining me in grade school I guess we can be besties”.


Then I joined battlegrounds with Razorbackx and Lothabrimbor.  Loth rage quit about 1 minute into a Gilneas because we were facing a much better team. Will never, ever party with again.  I will not tolerate that.

In other news I finally killed Sinestra going after some achievements.




Also picked up the Shado Pan cats


And this resto druid and I just came to an agreement that we couldn’t kill each other.




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