Bungling around

I start randomly bungling around again since I’m not sure where I should be going, and end up finding a newbie helper and some more quests.  However it still only seems I am leveling up by killing mobs and the quests barely move my exp bar, at all. The NPCs all seem rather angry and all all yelling, being insulting and such.

At one point I find old Magister Gallant  demoted to standing outside the “administration offices”.  That doesn’t sounds very fantasy like to me.

Mobs are dropping a little bit of adena and pots but I still have not seen a single DROP.  Not even worthless stuff I could vendor for a bit of money.

My character name, as it has in warcraft, has sparked a conversation with a player named SrDerp who was attempting to help me with the game.  I asked leading questions about dungeons and battlegrounds which he says this game has,  but did not understand me when I asked how to queue for them, even after explaining how WoW does it.

I also mention the utter lack of armor upgrades I’ve seen on quests or mobs and he said you really don’t have to worry about gear.  Well ok then good. I also asked about raids and he told me to youtube Freya, and I asked what level you have to be for that.  He didn’t know, said he never killed her. I asked if he tried it before and he said no.  Clearly I know Freya is extremely high level, but I was looking for an answer like “why yes you can do dungeons at 10 and raids at 50” or something.

I was also told this game is a lot better than others, but they either could not explain in what way, or they were not a native English speaker and didn’t understand what I was asking.  I find out later they are from Brazil so that explains that.  I ported to Dark Elven Village and roam around, finding the area completely different.


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