Vengeful Druid

Today we did normal Firelands since we still do not have a Rag kill. I like these fights!  We were trying out a new healer to have them join the guild, a pally named Virstena.  I don’t know much about pally healing but their heals were on par with what I was putting out.

Our druid though, gosh, I just don’t know.  My druid healer is only 44 at this point so I’m not going to pretend to be any kind of expert, but across the board their heals were on the low side and typically came in as the lowest on each fight.  After Rhyolith we lost a dps, so the druid said we can 9 man Alysrazor. I said “9 man with 3 healers, lol” and they asked why that was funny.  Beeeeeecause you don’t need 3 heals, so you are basically running with 4 dps? Besides that obvious bit of information you mean?

I didn’t actually say anything sarcastic like that I just said it’s easily 2 healable so being short 2 dps seemed kind of harsh.  That fight I did not see them do hardly any healing, my recount only showed about 2k hps but I thought maybe I was just too far out of range.

Then on Majordomo, apparently they chose to just do nothing that fight.  They did not dps, they did not heal.  First I thought my recount was broken because I saw no heals going off, then I focus targeted them and saw their mana bar not only not moving at all, but no spells at all were going off.  They were stacking and spreading so they weren’t locked, or dc’d. I sent them a message about their lack of doing anything and just got an “oh”. I went completely oom by the end of this fight with no available cd’s to do anything about it.


They had 0 dps and 0 hps until the very very end of the fight. Like when the boss died. After that fight they dropped raid and logged out.  I don’t get it, maybe it was some angry version of making me prove it could be two healed?   But I meant with a full 10 man raid, with everyone actively participating, not 9 people with 1 doing nothing. No one expects to 2 heal an 8 person raid.  We did get him down but what the fuck.

I won these shoulders for transmog though, they are AWESOME for my masterwork set.


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