24 doing nothing

I followed the chain of quests to Gludio and got up to 24 doing nearly nothing. There are still inaccuracies in the quest text that bugs me though.

I joined a kama for level 26 with some people and it’s the same old same old it appears. A mage class such as myself, even with a servitor out, even with Bsps, with beast shots, and using the pet recharge constantly, will go OOM before the end of the fight without any way to recover. I hit level 26 when it died but it also seems the loot rules are exactly the same; this time it was one drop of 6 enchant armor D’s that no one else got a share of. There is also no “rolling” for loot like in WoW, however the group was set up at the time gets it, be it “by turn” or whatever the settings are, can’t remember exactly.

It also still suffers from the problem of being able to use SS and cast a spell when a mob is dead, and hit a dead body, wasting SS and mp. Some of the monsters got upgraded textures though.

One major thing to note is adena is no longer an issue. I am getting sometimes up to 90k at a time from one quest, and from my prior noob tests, I was lucky to have 90k at the end of level 20. In fact at level 26 I have nearly 900k.

I got up to 32 before I got bored, since I can’t do any more kamas today. I see there are still a lot of useless skills like boost mana for a whole 30 pm, and skills that were rarely used like weakness and such. Ended up logging out after making 10 levels for the day.”

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