Afk, Trash


Did a full clear, with Morchock on heroic, with A9N last night.  They tear through bosses like mad, every fight was like half the length that it takes Relentless to do.  I got a BOE belt which I equipped and the tier robe. I really didn’t need it since I had 2 other 397 robes but eh I got 5/5 atm so whatever. Can also switch it around if need be.


Something that pisses me off raw though, dps that go afk without warning and magically come back after a full clear of trash is done.  Or go afk and not say a word, for like 10 mins.A tank can’t get away with that because the whole group has to wait.  A healer can’t usually do that because the whole group has to wait, or risk a wipe if the tank isn’t notified first (so no random afking).


A warlock from RS did that last night, and was gone for all the slime trash and then was kicked, but came back mid boss, but left at Ultraxion.  They think he was upset about not winning the belt, which they said he already had.

Tonight did a full clear on my shaman with Relentless and for some inconceivable reason we keep bringing Branders with. I focus’d him and inspected again. Apparently Lila got him to enchant, but he went at least 4 fights never casting  Greater Healing Wave.  It was just riptide, chain heal, healing wave, and healing rain. During high damage stack phases he just cast healing wave.  I never saw spirit link totem either.   He also kept overwriting my earth shield on Cinor, except for one fight where I told him to knock that shit off because I needed to have it up since I was healing in melee range.  The normal version of Heart of Unliving dropped and THANK THE LIGHT I beat that shaman over that, or my rage quitting would be put all others to shame.

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