Man, BH has been ridiculous lately as well as random pugs. Got my pally in a BH 25 today or more correctly, a 21. We nearly hit the enrage timer. Three things dropped that I wanted, but they were screwing around so hard with loot it felt like a ninja was about to happen. A warrior rolled on a caster neck, saying he was rolling for another mage, the warrior and mage both rolled on a ring even though the mage won the neck, etc. I think a lot of people left just because they were screwing around so hard on the loot. I did win the crit ring though, which I traded at the mages request for the neck, which had haste I wanted more anyway.

In LFR today I won the gloves token for offspec, but gave them to a warlock who asked nicely, and appeared to need it to complete his 4 set. I only use ret to dps quests anyway. He/she did not cry when I said I wanted it for offspec, not like the priest did anyway. It bugs me when people cry immediately after not winning something.

Did a last boss End Time today where I said the ranged should do the hour glass and the hunter said they didn’t “know how” and the mage also didn’t know how. I explained you literally just CLICK IT when the boss is at 80%, 60%, etc. I didn’t expect those guys to make their own judgement calls. The mage keeps saying they don’t know how and I was all “omfg” and they were like “f you guys” and left. Cya. Fing mages. I’m sorry I CAN do the hourglass, but with 2 ranged, hell no. FIGURE IT OUT.

We got a priest and took him down in 6 FREAKING MINUTES. 6. The dk was doing 6k dps with time warp each time and no one was over 15k. Not even a satchel run either.

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