Poor PW Shield

Thanks to the Chemical Crown Valentines Event, I’ve been playing all my healers hoping to get that DAMN LOVE ROCKET that I haven’t seen in 8 years.  UGH.

Anyway I noticed that the Mistweaver’s spell have been upgraded and are beautiful now!  That being said, I miss the old rotation, I really liked the flow.  Soothing mist, which made surging instant cast, 3 of those and you had enough chi to pop uh, that other spell that made your other heals get stronger, then more surging.  Renewing mist to sprinkle over your team then Uplift to boost it into another heal.  It was so calming to heal with MW.  I haven’t learned the current model well enough but it looks like they swept soothing into the casted spell which channels automatically and uplift is now vivify? Not sure.

Anyway the LOOK of the spells is what got me.  Here is a mistweaver:


It’s harder to tell when it’s not in motion, but it’s these curving tendrils of sparkly green power that spins and glitters as you channel.  It’s so pretty!  It use to be a hazy beam of straight green.

The other healers are the same, as far as I can tell, but paladins already had a flash of light on the target with a very satisfying sound effect, shamans have the water dump and splash of Riptide with other water noises from casting.

But, PW shield for priests is still boring.  I noticed mages get a very decent shield upgrade




with a similar one for fire (and frost I assume)


but PW shield is still the boring old faint halo of almost nothing.  We were told we couldn’t have divine aegis bubbles because it was ‘too busy’ but I don’t think that’s a reason now, what with DK’s summoning FROST WYRMS and paths of frost, mages casting METEORS and massive ice attacks, and demon hunters turning into basically the Lineage 2 kamael transform.  There’s no reason it still needs to look like a dragons butthole.



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