Give me some Skin

After the Mei winter skin thing, we are getting a Chinese New Year event where we got a number of fantastic skins.  Mei finally got something new, Winston, Zen, Sym, and so on.  People were talking about who didn’t get something or who still has bad skins overall (Zarya cough cough).

The skins tend to fall in categories of base recolors (same outfit, different colors),  completely new outfits (legendaries), and base but with cool stuff (summer skins, Mei’s xmas one).  Every time a group of heroes gets a new thing, some others feel left out.  I’m counting based on the unique look of the items, and grouping the counts into these categories.

For instance, here’s a run down as I see it at this time.

Ana:   Base, Amari, Wagjet.  Most of her skins are variations of the base skins, and her Captain Amari.  At this point I’d say she has 3

Bastion: Base skin, Gearbot, Steambot.  He barely has 3 as they all look pretty much the same.  Some of the details are really nice though.  Base, Junebug, Scavenger, Palanquin.  4, but barely.

Genji: Base, young Genji, Nomad.  3.5 with the .5 going to Oni.

Hanzo: Base, Wolf, Young.  Halloween skin is a decent base update. 3.5

Junkrat:  Base, Jester, Scarecrow, Junkenstein.  4.

Lucio:  Base, Hockey, Summer, Frog, 4.

Mccree:  Base, Gambler, Mystery man.  3.

Mei:  Base, Yeti, Firefighter, Luna.  4.5 with the .5 going to the winter skin (because, sigh, ice block change)

Mercy:  Base, Valkyrie, Imp, Witch.  4.  I do love all her skins though, ALL OF THEM!

Pharah:  Base, Thunderbird, Winter, Mechaqueen, Security Chief.  5.

Reaper: Base, Reyes, Halloween, Nevermore, El Blanco.  5.5 with the .5 going to his winter skin.

Reinhardt: Base, Blackhardt, Balderich, Helmetless, Wujing. 5.  Almost counts as a 6 in my book because his heavy armor IS SO AMAZING!

Roadhog: Base, Winter, Toa, Mako, Halloween, Bajie.  6!

S76:  Base, Young, Night Ops, Daredevil.  4, but I don’t like half of them.

Sombra:  Base, legendary, Los Muertos.  3 but she is the newest character.

Symmetra:  Base, Architech, Goddess. 3.5 with the .5 going to her halloween skin which changes her turrets to little eyeballs.

Torbjorn:  Base, Deadlock, Santaclad, Blackbeard.  4.

Tracer:  Base, T.Racer, Slipstream, Summer, Punk, Winter. 6.

Widowmaker: Base, Odile, Halloween, Noire.  4.

Winston:  Base, Frogston, Explorer, Yeti, Wokong.  5.

Zarya:  Base, Arctic, Cybergoth, Summer. 4 but no one seems to like the Goth so it feels more like 3.

Zenyatta:  Base, Djinnyatta, Winter, Sunyatta, Sanzang. 5.

I think Widowmaker (curse her soul), is due for another good one, Symmetra, Ana, and Zarya. Zarya before anyone.

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