Holystab, 5 years later

I randomly logged onto my horde priest today for some reason.  No one I remember from horde is really on these days, I haven’t heard from Seagaer in probably 4-5 years, Ladiesman in 4, Fratricide in probably just as long, etc.

But then Holystab not only messages me, but remembers me.  I found him exceedingly obnoxious back in 2012 but 5 years is  a long time.  I consented to trade battletags (but not real id) and we’ll see if he has grown up or not.

Last week we’ve been doing AV but it’s been next to impossible to get the same queue with everyone, and I think I’ve lost 90% or more of my games.  Losing isn’t so bad, but I don’t need to group up, repeatedly drop queue and requeue for 30 minutes, wait 10 mins to get into queue only to end up with 2-4 other people and lose.  I can lose much faster by myself since we’re basically playing alone anyway.

The other problem of course is we’re not all strat callers.  Miz does it, Zek, Krienn, maybe Dooker.  I don’t.  So when it’s my group with Bobos (who often doesn’t join vent) and Xerk, vent is absolutely silent and I don’t care for that.  If I do say what I’m doing it’s met with silence which is uncomfortable.

Additionally splitting groups is annoying because others feel left out.  Oh you won your game, cool well, the 3 of us are getting destroyed so, that’s fun.  The same thing happens when people break off to do mythics, that’s only 1 tank, 1 healer, and 3 dps.  Certain people seem to be the favorites who end up getting picked first as well.

I know we’re trying hard to include everyone though but it’s looking like it might no longer be doable in AV.

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