The Free for All Zones

There are a few zones in Legion where everyone can hit everyone else.  Most of the time it’s a mess with dps hitting me for half of my life before I can even blink, or a shadow priest destroying everyone in 2 seconds.  One caught me in a mind bomb thing, and a silence, and I wasn’t able to do a single thing before I died.  That was fun.

I did ok this last one though, I nearly killed this rogue and would have if I didn’t mess up a penance


I killed this guy



and this priest



also took out a warrior but didn’t screenshot it.  I also ran into Cassio and caught him in a Mind Control, but he’s prickly about that and life grips, as I remember.  I didn’t attack him.  Free for all zones aren’t for me.  I don’t like starting crap with people.   Disc is also rather weak in zones like this where dps can tear you apart even through pain sup.  The Darkbrul area is REALLY bad for this.  Fuck that zone, seriously.



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