Nightfallen down…

and just, sigh.  Several more to go.


You know, the class hall armor was a good idea.  First it’s a copy of the Challenge Mode Gold stuff from MoP that I didn’t get because of multiple reasons previously discussed.  But mostly because I didn’t try hard enough.  It was also somewhat cheap gear.  The only problem of course, is that I outleveled most of it quickly or was beyond it before I even got access to the stuff.  Not sure why that was.  Gear is a little weird these days.  Back in Cata you’d get dungeon blues from the vendors and rep, maybe an epic here or there from the big rep grinds.  But you raided in blues and replaced that stuff with epics in your raids.

Then LFR happened with Dragon Soul and it was ok, get your LFR welfare epics while also doing normal or above raiding and skip the blue stuff altogether.  That was kind of sad.

Of course every expansion after that, you’d be wearing raid gear, new expansion happened, and you were replacing that junk with greens fairly quickly.  I think the only exception was Draenor where I think my previous stuff lasted a few levels first.

Oh well.  We did some raiding with Stormpike but now we’re  back to just AV.  Figures, since I dropped like 70k on a trinket to riad.


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