Hunter, whaaaaat?

I decided to try to power level my hunter, who was originally human, to blood elf.  Only, the way they hold the bow looks really, really weird.  Was it always this way? I don’t recall.  Shaco pointed out they use a bow like a cross bow.  It looks ridiculous.



What are my legs even DOING there? Holding in pee?


I mean, this is a big deal to me.  I seriously played a male human mystic in Lineage 2 because I didn’t like how the females RAN.

I decided to compare it against humans, who not only hold it a good way, with a good stance, but they close one eye to target.  I don’t know if that’s correct but it looks cool.


Night elves nock and draw really well too, but just stand with both feet together.  I like the human stance better.

Orc isn’t half bad, they have their feet apart but not as much as humans, they don’t even attempt to pull an arrow from an invisible quiver like the night elf, but otherwise it’s similar to night elf.  Other than being an ugly ass orc I mean.

Draenei is ‘ok’ but they make an angry face doing it. They also appear to pull an arrow out of said invisible quiver.


For kicks, made a gnome hunter. Their animation is just fine.  But they don’t look like they are trying to shoot you straight through the heart like humans, so human it is!  Gnome is super cute though, but maybe on a new hunter.


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