That Thing I Do

So eesh.  I changed my hunter from blood elf to human again.  She was originally human.  Anyway, what did they do to hunters?  Marksman is completely unrecognizable from the last time I played it in MoP.  No fire/explosive trap, for one.  No scatter shot, and ok ok, rightly so.  Ice trap doesn’t look like ice block any more, I don’t like it.  No glaive toss.  No maintaining Serpents Sting or that other thing I use to have to keep uptime on.  It’s just auto attack and hit buttons as they proc.  It’s odd.

Barrage doesn’t work like it use to.  It use to actually send arrows AT people.  Let’s say it loosed 20 arrows and you had 2 targets in range.  Each one got 10 arrows (ish).  Now? Now it just sprays arrows (doesn’t even need a target) just randomly all over the place.  Gosh man, even in Diablo 2 like 17  years ago it worked properly as that Amazon skill.  I swapped it for Murder of Crows it’s so dumb.  It doesn’t even sound cool like barrage use to, it sounds like, multi-shot I believe.

Then Mend pet.  Mend pet was instant, it’s still instant.  But, it’s not.  It’s gotta be at least a .5 cast time now, maybe a little less, but it’s there.  Or… something.  You use to be able to weave it into your regular rotation like it’s nothing, now there’s a little delay like you’re having lag.  So whatever is doing that, it’s different.


Then bursting shot.  It’s supposed to hit “all enemies in front of you”.  Says nothing about range.  It couldn’t even hit this goat, from this range:



or this range:





It literally has a graphical area of effect of perhaps 2 years, but an effective range of 0 yards.


This goat is being hit by the animation.  It doesn’t actually GET HIT.

And, I want to tame these guys.  But, I can’t!


And finally, don’t ask me to joins “Sons of the Alliance”, I will snark and tell you I can’t because I’m not a son.  It’s my thing but I won’t join a guild with a stupid name.

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