I haven’t been playing a lot of World of Warcraft.  Both guilds I’m in,  on Whisperwind and Sargeras, are basically dead.  That’s ok but there’s no groups to do anything with.  Even if I didn’t leave SPM, I have no more interest in playing in a big premade.  I wouldn’t mind raiding again but probably not until winter.  It’s hard to sit down and play on the computer without taking a break when it’s still sunny out.

That being said, been playing a lot of Overwatch.  I cannot wait until they do something ABOUT THE DUPES.   There’s 3-4 dupes EVERY GOD DAMN BOX.  I only have about 50% of all skins, not sure about sprays or all the other items, but getting 50%-100% duplicates is absurd.

There is also a problem with highlights were they either don’t save at all (I had a PotG not even save!)


or they glitch out so you can’t even watch them. Heck PotG doesn’t even make sense sometimes.  I got a quad kill on an ultimate on Pharah, and it went to someone slowly headshotting 2 people.  Go figure.



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