Mech Deaths by Enemy

They fixed the dupes! Finally! I’ve opened about 5 boxes so far and not a single dupe.  I’m so happy about that.  There was no reason for that when there were so many items yet to earn.’s cards are really odd, by the way.  I got a card for 6 mechs called, that makes sense.  But 3 mech deaths by enemy? What does that even mean?  Did I kill 3 enemies when calling the mech, or what?



Also, the game is curious how it pairs people together.  Several nights ago I played with someone with the tag Gummybear and they were quite good, so I was joking I was singing the “barbie doll” song but replacing the main phrase with “gummy bear”.

Well I ran into them again the other night, along with someone named Vondyk (who I should have friend requested too) and they friend invited me.  We played a bit that night and had a good time.


I had been lamenting my lack of Overwatch friends, but between Gummybear and Lunacy, I’ve had more partners again. People have been speaking in voice chat and I join in, and so far, no idiots or ragers, just nice people.

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