A-mei-zing! (or not)

I haven’t played Mei in quite a while, but I decided to try her again.  I’ve noticed some changes.

First off, when was the last time you saw a Mei PotG? I haven’t in absolutely ages.

I also noticed she can no longer headshot anyone.  I thought it was just tanks but I tested it on bots and a full icicle to the face or face region absolutely does not one-shot.  They are slow firing in that there is a very slight delay as the icicle moves out of the weapon, which would be ok if it hit for a lot.  It doesn’t.  It took something like 4 full body shots of said slow-weapon to kill a bot.  I had to freeze this Widow solid before I was able to head-shot her, since the ice ray also reduces health. But she was totally not paying attention, you’ll never EVER get that with most of the cast.


Why is that?  Well,  thanks to everyone being very mobile. You can’t freeze people who can get out of range of you quickly.  D.va can boost away, Doomfist can do whatever he does to bum rush things or uppercut.  Genji has dash and crazy aerobatics.  Junkrat can blow himself away, Lucio can speed boost.  McCree is somewhat susceptible but he could also flash-bang you.  Mercy can fly away, Orisa has that cool down that avoids freezing (pretty sure), Pharah can push you away or fly away.  Reaper can wraith, and Rein is likely going to slap you in the face.  The tanks don’t really count because even Roadhog, there is no way you are going to dent his HP yourself anyway.  Soldier can sprint, Sombra can port or spring inviz, Symm will fry your face off before you freeze her.  Torb might be a possibility, but Winston and Tracer are hard to catch.  Zarya just bubbles herself and Zenyatta might be out of luck. You may get lucky and slow them a little, but since you have no movement abilities of your own, if they are slightly faster, they will get away.

So I would say that really only Ana, Bastion, McCree, Roadhog, and Torb have a decent chance are getting frozen or even slowed.  Then you have her ult, which you announce during the throw and it takes a few seconds to take effect so, everyone with any mobility just totally runs out of it.


I dunno.  I just feel like she needs another buff like her ult freezing quicker.



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