What Gives, PotGs?

I’m still trying to figure out the logic of the Play of the Games, especially when it comes to support.  Here’s some total non-potgs:

Ana: sleeps an ulting Soldier or Roadhog.

Mercy:  4 person rez to stop final process on the payload to win the game.

Zenyatta:  Ulting to save team from Zarya’s AND Genji’s ult, ults to save team from D.va’s ult, etc.


What gets a potg?


Ana: Pretty much nothing, ever.

Mercy: A lame, non-critical 2-3 person rez  that had no real effect on the current push or point.

Zenyatta: I don’t even know, but all my Zen highlights weren’t saving the team from 2-3 ults, it was just me killing a person or two.  It feels like kills totally trumps anything supports can do.  Unless of course, it’s Lucio booping people in a hole.  That’s apparently a big fucking deal.  Oh, you pushed 2 people in a whole with a single click? Have a PotG.


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