Playing during the week days is really weird

I was doing some really tedious crap at work so I decided to take a break with a game or two.

I got in with someone named Nine who was playing music over his/her mic.  Then said in team chat “Im so alone”

I replied “well I muted you ‘cuz open mic and shit”

then this dumb stuff happened

Nine: Who are you?

me: I’m me, you?

Nine: Oh lowbie Ocyla

me: oh, plays way too much nine, nice to  meet you (he had a gold portrait)

Nine: I am gets paid to play Nine 🙂 Nice to meet you too lowbie

me: yeah sure

Then he/she bitched about no heals,  but we ended the game with me playing Zenyatta with gold elims at 3.  So yeah.  Then they group invited me just to play some “wah wah waaaaaah” music to which I said “That’s cute, how you are?”  They immediately left group.

Then they friend invited me and I asked if they “had anything clever to say?”  They asked if I wanted to group.  At this point, totally wary and I said no but I’d be on later.  I really didn’t want to group and get an earful of something just in case.  End with me saying “so maybe see you around gold portrait” and they replied “see you level 400s <3”

And question, if Doomfist stole the gauntlet, what on earth are we escorting now?



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