Mercy is getting changes

I’ve been saying for  a while that Mercy needed some changes.  Note that I didn’t say BUFFS, because she was basically fine, OP in some instances if one wishes to be fair. 3 major things in my mind.

Her rez encouraged game play of getting her ult, and then hiding and 1. not healing and 2. encouraging her team to all die in one place so she could swoop in and mass rez.  This was beneficial because she could return more than one person from dead to full health which is much better than healing a single person.  And since she couldn’t rez when she was dead, she had to hide and therefore stop healing.

I felt this was dumb because as a healer, my job is to heal, not avoid healing.  I refused to hide and big rez, and got called an idiot.  Yes, it was ideal to big rez and reset a fight but, I refused to do it on the grounds that it was dumb game play.

The other issue was her ability to reset fights.  I’ve done it myself plenty of times, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t frustrating game play.  For example, a Zarya ult leads into a quad kill from a Pharah/Junkrat/Mccree/whatever.  Oh wait, that hiding Mercy now flys in and UNDO BUTTONS the entire mass kill.  Oh my, wasn’t that fun!  Or your team is trying to take point B and you kill the tank and 2 dps and you’re about to… NO THAT’S OK MERCY JUST Murazond’s Hourglass the fight back to before the kills happened.  It was amazingly annoying to only get somewhere if the healer was dead or had their rez down. Especially when the healer is encouraged to HIDE.

The last thing was her mobility.  Yes, the guardian thing is really nice, but you are dependent on your team mates being in range and positioned decently.  You can’t fly to the Genji flanking across the map or the Tracer camping the enemy spawn.   I was hoping for a wings based disengage or something.

Instead, I got fixes to everything I was displeased about.  Her rez is no longer an ultimate, it’s on a timer.  She can only rez one person.  This fixes team rez resets and hiding to use a big rez.

Her new ultimate allows her to FLY, heal and damage boost from longer distances, guardian fly from farther, heal and damage boost more, AND her gun is stronger.

So, THANKS BLIZZARD in a non-sarcastic fashion! And like the suggested fix (got called an idiot for saying she should be safe from her own ult, and got downvoted to hell), I was right again.

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