Pharah for me is hit or miss (haha) on if I do really well with her or not.

Her rockets have a travel time so hitting people in a current game status where everyone is VERY MOBILE is hard, or in the case of Widowmaker, characters that seem to have a hitbox of a sewing pin. I just happened to get really lucky this time.  It also seems counter-intuitive but her ultimate seems to do fuck-all if you use it from really high in the air.  Sneaking up and blasting people in the face is dumb, but that’s what works the best.   Why is it dumb? Well because you yell “JUSTICE RAINS FROM ABOVE” soon as you start it and are completely stationary until it’s done or you die, with dying happening probably 90% of the time.

The only other character I can think of with such a dumb way of delivering an ult is McCree, who lights up like a bulb, walks extremely slowly, and announces it with “It’s HIGH NOON”.  Then (as I understand it) the longer he holds the ult, more damage is does.  He also has to try to flank and get in a weird place to use it successfully.

Everyone else can either be highly active during their ult (S76, Winston, whoever got Ana’s ult, Rein, Roadhog, Zen, Genji, etc) or they throw it and be on their merry way (, Mei, Tracer, Widow, Mercy, Lucio).  Pharah, Junkrat, and McCree are the only ones who have to stop and “hold” it for a bit.

People think Pharah is OP so, doubt anything will get done.

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