You Belong in Jail

We tried heroic Morchock on my shaman last night, and got it after maybe 5 attempts. I think I could have solo healed my side if I knew Scuba was gonna drop early on several attempts and I was prepared to solo heal it.

I don’t think I like the new pally much, they seem to heal just fine but told us his name was an abbreviation for “Juicy Pussy” which kind of quieted us all down, and talked about his friend stealing all kinds of junk. And he sounds like he belongs in jail. I don’t know what it is, but certain people have a voice that sounds like the belong in the clink.

We tried heroic skitties but didn’t get it down, when despite us giving healing assignments and me saying to avoid aoes like the plague on purple, the pally holy radianced everyone to Explosionville. We did 4/8 that night and I got Windward Heart on Hagara. I wish I had these trinkets on my priest. I also feel bad now for not giving that druid, who was begging me for the LFR Seal of Seven Signs that trinket. It was an upgrade for me, at the time though.

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