The Queues

I’m not sure why, but lately if I queue for battlegrounds, especially when solo, you can have mismatched teams for a significant amount of time.  I did a Gilneas a while back where we went pretty much the whole game with 9/10 players.  I did a WSG where we were down 4 players for 3-4 minutes.  I did another WSG where 2 players left and again, 2-3 minutes before anyone queued in.  What gives?

Also, whenever a dungeon shows up with extra loot, you are in for a bad time.  I did an Eye of Azshara tonight for the awards and first had a tank afk for several minutes so he could “do a shot” with his druid guild mate.  Then I blocked the druid for randomly saying “penis” and then the tank for using racism.  Yep, it always goes that way.

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