You have to buy boxes

Ever since the Chinese New Years event, possibly even the winter holiday, it was pretty obvious you have to buy boxes to get anything.

For instance I earned probably 25 boxes by playing during the summer games, and got 1-2 skins, neither of which I wanted.  I already talked about the coin nerf so I won’t do it again but for this Halloween event I got 2 new skin.  TWO.  I never play Zarya but I got her new Halloween skin and Torb’s skin. I really didn’t want either but they are ok.   I also got Hanzo’s last years Halloween skin, and some non-event skins, but mostly voice lines, sprays, and player icons. Lots and lots of sprays, sometimes even duplicate sprays!  Ravenshield commented that he was getting a lot of duplicates, but I thought he was exaggerating.  Because they fixed duplicates, right?



He wasn’t.

I also couldn’t get anywhere near 3,000 coins to buy a skin of my choice.  I spent 3k on Mercy’s skin at the summer event, which was the last one, but barely earned 1k since then.

I hit roughly around 2200 the last day of the event, not enough to get any skin.  I really wanted the Symmetra skin, Ana’s, possibly McCree’s too.  Nope, I got NONE of those.  I bought 10 boxes and still got no Halloween skins, but barely got enough coins to purchase a single one, Symmetra’s.

Same problem with the summer games, bought Mercy’s new skin but then had no more money.  They really need to reduce the cost of skins, but, I bet they won’t because as I said, YOU HAVE TO BUY BOXES TO GET WHAT YOU WANT.  That is clear.

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