Mercy’s Rez

Well then.  Mercy has been through a lot of changes but most of which has been with her rez.  She started out where her ult was her rez that worked in an AOE fashion that would rez anyone near you with a counter to see how many dead souls were in your area.  You couldn’t move while rezzing but it was instant so you barely stopped moving at all.

I’m not going to talk again about how “hold ult rez and hide” game play was stupid, but not being able to move while rezzing was problematic because you were the only living target when casting the rez which usually meant getting headshot or otherwise gibbed soon as you cast it.

Then they made it castable while moving.  That was very nice but again you were still the only living and vulnerable target in the area (because the people rezzed are invulnerable for a second or two after rez) and usually got destroyed anyway.

They made Guardian Spirit be usable much more often which helped but, a smart ass Widow or whatever could still get you mid-flight which stunk.

THEN Mercy got to be invulnerable also when rezzing.  You know what that was good for? Yep, doing a single rez to live through standing in Hanzo’s ult like a moron, or surviving some other kind of nonsense.  So on top of the “hide and rez” bullshit you could cheat death at specific times. And of course the rez-reset stuff that made me want to throw my keyboard.

Needless to say all of that was a problem one way or another so they changed it where rez is now single target, and  you have to be quite close to the dead person to do it.  You got a double rez during your ult which does something else entirely now.

Only… the cool down imo was way way too frequent so you could take down a big target like a tank and expect a team with Mercy to just immediately bring them back up.  Every.  Damn.  time.   I’d almost say it was worse than the AOE rez because she wasn’t encouraged to save it for a good huge rez because it took a while to charge up, but the AOE rez was worse. But, not by much.

I heard a nerf is coming down where in addition to being close to the dead person, the cast time will now be something like 2 seconds.  That’s… curious.  I had hoped for a longer rez CD but, that may be a double bang by making the Mercy extra vulnerable both by getting closer AND being still.  She just might get shot before the rez and now the team is also down a healer.  Seems like a bit much but we’ll see.

Maybe I’m still salty about being headshot during a guardian spirit instant rez.

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