As I stand in Tol Barad

Tol Barad is now cross-realmed so, there are many players from many servers there.  Of course today it was only Alliance, but still.


I had been talking about this yesterday too, but I’ve made a lot of Horde friends over the years, when I was Alliance.  Other than that one rogue at the Crossroads, and Predator at Halaa, I can’t think of any Alliance friends I made when I was Horde. At any rate, I decided to write a refresher of those people.

Ladiesman, Blood Elf Rogue:  Met in Tol Barad when I played Ocyla, and he relentlessly targeted me and impressed everyone with how slippery he was avoiding death.  We were good friends for around 3 years when, at the end of 2014, he just went dark on game and Skype.

Fratricide, Blood Elf Paladin:  Met in Wintergrasp, as he was going after the 7k bounty Ladiesman put on me.  Ended up joining his guild when I went horde for a time.

Sealgaer, Blood elf hunter:  Met in Tol Barad, I nearly killed him but he misdirected Problim on me and I died.  I was impressed and went over to say “GG”.  Some time later, he remembered me, and we became friends and he joined my guild on Alliance. We still talk on and off.

Kuraha, rogue, can’t recall race: Met when I was world defending the towers out in Hellfire.  I got killed many times against he and his friend but, we had a friendly talk and I ended up joining his guild on Ghostlands as a rogue.

Deterrence/Predator: Human hunter: gave me a ridiculously hard time when I was Horde trying to defend Halaa.  I recall being scatter trapped into an ice trap, and then explosive trapped off the side, to my death in the deceptively shallow water.  That was one of those times where you take your hands off the keyboard and go “well shit”.  We use to do a lot of wpvp together.  We still talk sometimes.

Oltar, horde orc shaman:  Enhancement shaman who liked to cause trouble in Elwynn forest, who was cheeky!  I couldn’t 1v1 him for the life of me.  We did a lot of wpvp in the forest and played some OW, but, he disappeared entirely a while back.  I make a Frostwolf Ghostpup named after him run after me sometimes.

Shaco, undead horde rogue:  Use to cause trouble at the logging camp and I’d fight him on my priest.  I don’t remember him soloing me, but he likes to tell wild tales about how he masters all classes and beats up everyone all the time.  Rather annoying at this point.

Stabbs, horde rogue: We use to fight in Darkshire a lot, I would only win because glitter bombs were kind of OP back then.


Hmm.  All I can think of at the moment.

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