Yes, but they aren’t ME

I have something of a habit of fighting bitterly with people I end up reconciling with and end up with a friend.  That may be the case with this Solo bozo. He asked if anyone wanted to duel and I accepted, and proceeded to try to beat the living hell out of him for something like 10 straight minutes.  No joke, we went until after the battle ended.

But thanks to a dumb legendary he has that heals for 3% total health whenever he doesn’t move, I could close not the deal. But I felt better after.

He ended up btag inviting me and I grudgingly had to say he was decent.  And I’ve heard this before but I got “I can kill other discs”.  Yes, but they aren’t ME.


Then as you may see, he also replied with a similar line of “im not any hunter” when I said I’ve killed hunters before.

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