Characters needing changes

People are griping endlessly about Mercy and her rez and if anything I think the cast time should be extended a bit.  She’s already getting a nerf to her new ult.  Otherwise, she still seems just fine to me.

Moira on the other hand, geez.  Her ult needs no real aiming on all the maps that are like a hallway (Dorado, Hollywood, Volskaya, etc) but I don’t think it’s really a big deal.  She just does too much damage, imo.  I went 1v1 with a Moira as Symmetra with us both at full health and she killed me.  WHAT?

Her blood sucking orb is ridiculous too.  It travels for ABSOLUTELY AGES and hits everything in range, on top of also bouncing.  So throw it stupid like, against a wall? No worries, it just bounces around for like 10 seconds all over the place and as far as I know, only can block it.  You can’t exactly hide from it on most maps and it might just bounce and follow you anyway.

Her ‘sym’ beamis just too easy for someone who can heal and can destroy any of the lower hp characters.  I can’t wait to see what they do with her.

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